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Onwards and upwards! Top client hits page one on Google for top term

SEO…does it still matter? Of course it does. SEO remains one of the major sources of traffics to web sites all over the world. Whilst more and more people are using Facebook ads, You Tube videos and social media to drive in traffic to web sites, SEO remains a rich and consistent way to meet new customers. When launching a digital marketing strategy it’s important to weave in all of these elements to create a winning online marketing funnel.

And on that note…

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve helped our longest standing client – Sotech Optima – to hit a major goal this month by climbing to page 1 of Google for the industry leading term ‘rainscreen cladding’. Sotech has an incredible range of rainscreen cladding solutions on offer and their solution is on display on many famous buildings you’d recognise. It was important to them to reach page one so they could help advise and support more and more architects to realised their design vision in 2017 and beyond!

Well done Sotech! Now, what’s next on the list of goals?

Lisa Bean, founder of multiple six-figure businesses, speaker, coach and consultant.

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