A Private Mastermind Group for Purpose-Led Business Owners Committed to Quantum Growth in Life and Business

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Well frickin’ done to you! You’ve come this far, most likely solo and not without challenges.

You’re building your brand as a leader in your field. You’re selling your products and services and opportunities are opening up. Cashflow is getting better. You’ve grown so much. People look to you for advice, inspiration and teaching…


But where do you next put your focus? Which product, service or project should you focus on next? Is it time to hire, or rent an office? How do you get to £100k, £200k, £300k? How should you build your brand to build credibility. What systems and processes do you need to build predictable, sustainable revenue streams in your business?


These are all the questions we’ll be asking in the IX7 Mastermind Group in 2019…

You know you were meant for more. You know there is another level. You know it’s time to grow.

Introducing the IX7 Mastermind Group

Brought to you by the founder of DARETOGROW / The Online Course 

This is a private mastermind group  – a high achievers club if you will – for purpose driven entrepreneurs who are committed to making a quantum leap in life and in business.


Limited to 10 people per intake, this Mastermind Programme mixes the latest business, marketing and personal development training, 121 coaching, full ‘away-day’ strategy and training weekends, master-minding, 121 peer support from fellow group members and it even includes a digital assets programme to help you launch your new product/ service launch (more on this below).


What’s included?

Attend 4 weekend strategy weekends in Manchester to reconnect with your vision, develop your business growth strategy and address specific challenges in your business

Join us for expert training on these topics: 'Speaking with impact', 'Building a marketing funnel that converts', 'High performance practices' and 'Game changing team & industry leadership'

Get focus with 12 x monthly coaching calls with Lisa to set your intention for the month and identify and remove barriers

Benefit from a campaign launch package - everything you need to complete a successful online launch of a new product including 6 x videos, social media graphics and online set up

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Cohort 1 begins on 1st March 2019


Mastermind, think and grow with likeminded six-figure business owners on a similar journey in other sectors.

Applications must be generating revenue of £65k plus to enter, and have the ambition to scale up in the coming years.


Systemise your business for scale by introducing systems, processes and people to reduce the dependency on you.

Remove the key dependency on you and begin outsourcing key tasks in your business. Build a system that is scalable.

Have more impact

Learn the latest techniques in speaking, influence and digital marketing to spread your message.

Members must be open to new ways of working, thinking and spreading their message in this new digital world.


As a mastermind group, we all have intentions to make this world a better place. By working, meeting and solving problems together, we dramatically push our performance to the next level and make significant and measurable breakthroughs in our performance.


This group is exclusive to business owners who are building purpose led businesses. To apply, you must be earning above £65,000 a year (with an intention to grow significantly in the next two – five years) and you must be able to commit to four full-day strategy weekends dedicated to refocusing your valuable attention on your business growth.


By creating a space of reflection, performance and decision making for leaders, we will make quantum leaps in life and business.


Included in the membership fee is 4 weekend strategy & training events with evening meal, 12 monthly-coaching calls and a ‘campaign launch package’ including a professional video, social media graphics and online set up.


Lisa Bean attends and leads all sessions personally and is directly involved in your campaign launch package.

The purpose of this Mastermind is to help you:

Systemise your business for scale - preparing to scale by introducing systems, processes and people, thereby reducing the dependency on you

Mastermind, think and grow with likeminded six-figure business owners on a similar journey in other sectors

Commit to those BIG GOALS you have in your life and set an ambitious but realistic plan in motion to make the outcome inevitable

Detach from the daily issues in your business so you can work on the strategy and think more widely about how to meet market challenges in your sector

Reconnect with your vision and purpose and ensure you're building a business to suit your life and future goals

Get into a peak state so you make bigger, bolder and braver decisions that will allow you to scale up your business

When you join…

The key focus of the IX7 Mastermind is the quarterly meet up which happens in luxury cottages, halls and hotels in and around the Manchester area. We meet in locations like this  to help to detach from what is happening and remove the distractions of everyday life. On most occasions, WiFi will be disabled for periods in the day to help you tap into your true intentions, without the influence of outside pressures.

The quarterly meet ups are weekend events, hosted and led by Lisa Bean and include:

A transformational talk from Lisa Bean, to get us all into a peak state and ready for action

A series of carefully prepared exercises to guide your thinking, pull out the challenges in your business and make decisions on what will have the biggest positive impact

Expert training on key topics such as speaking for impact, converting sales online and performance mastery.

Vegan food and refreshments throughout the day, and an evening meal on the Saturday.

In between the quarterly meet ups, you will have a monthly two-hour coaching call with Lisa Bean to stay focused on your goals for the month ahead and talk through challenges you’re facing in life and business.

Lisa Bean Mastermind UK

Why join? Here are just some of the incredible benefits:

Learn how to get into a peak state and master high performance habits of truly successful people

Monthly meet up in luxury location, with all food and refreshments included

2 x private coaching calls each month with Lisa Bean to clarify your intentions for the month and make progress on specific goals

Monthly meet up in luxury location, with all food and refreshments included - it's a chance to get out of the daily grind to reconnect with your vision, your purpose and your priorities

Access to a private and exclusive Facebook group with other six figure business owners on this programme

A chance to bring your specific life and business questions and challenges to a group of ambitious, talented and experienced purpose-driven business owners

Who is it for?

This group is not for everyone and your application will be considered carefully before you’re accepted into the group. If you’re a good fit for this mastermind, you will be:

A business owner with revenue between £65,000 and £150,000, looking to grow to the next level

Eager to grow and ready to do the work - in some cases, businesses will double or triple revenue

Conscious i.e. aware of / interested in being of service to help raise the global conscious of the planet and make this world a better place

Able to attend all four strategy weekends (dates below)

Excited to put into practice new techniques in peak performance / high performance habits

Friendly / warm and willing to work in a group to help others achieve their goals

Lisa Bean North East Speaker

Who’s it ‘not’ for?

Mastermind for spiritual people

This Mastermind is not for you if: 

Making money is your sole focus - you will increase your revenue and profitability as a result of this programme, but it's about changing the world and not just making money

You do not own your own business or you're not earning above £65,000

Joining this programme will put undue financial pressure on your business

About your host, Lisa Bean

Lisa is a coach and transformational speaker, helping people all over the UK to help uncover their purpose, set a bold new vision for their lives and take bold new action to make the outcome inevitable.


As the founder of three six figure businesses, Lisa knows what it takes to break through from being a solo-entrepreneur (doing it all yourself, unable to grow any bigger) to building a six figure business that can scale and scale.


Lisa has not only built traditional businesses in recruitment and digital marketing, both during the 2008 downturn, but has recently built a six figure online training business, leveraging the latest techniques in video, digital marketing and Facebook advertising.


Lisa Bean UK

What’s the investment?

The total price for this annual Mastermind is £12,000 + VAT. You can choose to pay in full, pay quarterly or monthly.

Applications are now open for Cohort 1. Would you like to be part of the first ever IX7 Mastermind?

Key dates for Cohort 1

4 Live Strategy Weekends

1 – Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd March – Manchester

2. Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th May – Manchester

3. Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July – Manchester

4. Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September – Manchester

What’s the investment?

The total price for this annual Mastermind is £12,000 + VAT. You can choose to pay in full, pay quarterly or monthly.

Applications are now open for Cohort 1. Would you like to be part of the first ever IX7 Mastermind?