Full planning and execution of your digital marketing strategy in 2019 and beyond. From £3000 per month

Lisa Bean Mastermind UK

Marketing is evolving faster than ever in this digital world. When you choose IX7 to support your online marketing strategy, you not only partner with a team that is evolving with these changes in digital marketing but you free up more of your time to leverage your strengths in business.


IX7 has a specialist digital marketing team that can not only handle market analysis and strategy but can deliver the digital assets needed to build your brand and increase your revenue.


As a team we can produce high quality promotional and training videos and podcasts, fully editable web sites that can scale as you scale, social media collateral for Instagram, Linked In and Facebook and printed collateral needed for courses and events.

Work with founder Lisa Bean to set your five year vision and build a marketing strategy that will enable the realisation of that vision.

One stop shop for all your digital and printed marketing needs including video filming & editing, web design and social media collateral.

Monthly review of progress towards goals with results dashboards and analysis.

Learn from the latest thinking in online and digital marketing strategy and delivery.

What can we deliver for you?

Marketing strategy

Work with Lisa Bean to build a digital marketing strategy to build your brand and generate more leads in 2019 and beyond.

Set a bold new vision for your business and build a marketing strategy that will help enable that vision.

Asset Creation

Full access to the IX7 digital marketing team including video, pod casting, graphic design, Facebook advertising and social media

Let us film the videos, edit your podcast and create your content for social media.

Digital Execution

Free up time to grow your business by letting IX7 deliver on the monthly execution of your online marketing strategy.

Free up more time by allowing us to post the content on your behalf.

Introducing the IX7 Marketing Funnel

IX7 Funnel Marketing

We follow a very simple but highly effective marketing funnel for generating and converting leads online.


Step 1 – Introduce yourself to new clients through outstanding, original and high impact content including videos, pod casts and articles. This extends your reach, nurtures your community and builds your brand.


Step 2 – Connect with these new contacts through mailing lists, YouTube subscriptions and social media followings. This gives you an audience to grow with, an audience to add value to, an audience who would love to work with you when it’s time for a launch.


Step 3  – Add value up front: Provide a mini transformation for these individuals so they can experience the impact you can have on their lives and their businesses. When people see what impact you have on their lives for free, a percentage will want to know what the paid version looks like!


Step 4 – Ask for the commitment. Create a compelling offer and ask for a commitment to work with you. Make it really clear and obvious how people can work with you and what they can expect in return for their investment of time, money and energy.


Step 5 – Grow together! Move suitable clients on to the next stage in your value proposition (or ‘value ladder’) so you can continue adding value to their lives.

The purpose of this offering is to:

Provide you with the capabilities of a full digital marketing team at a fraction of the cost and without the challenges of people management.

Solidify the vision in your business and build out and deliver on a marketing plan that will enable that vision.

Strengthen your brand in the market place in a unique and original way so as to build equity and communicate your true value.

Dramatically increase your visibility over results and the impact your marketing efforts are having, with monthly dashboards and review calls.

Free up more of your time to focus on building your business, while our team delivers on the strategy and collateral agreed.

Go further with your marketing with us, than you ever would alone.

When you partner with us…

When you partner with us, we’ll work with you to build out your company vision, break it into goals and develop key marketing delivery plans to deliver on each goal.


We’ll stay in touch weekly through our online project management system and we’ll have a monthly review call with you each month to review progress, discuss opportunities and set the priorities for the upcoming month.


Working with us will be like having a full digital marketing team at your disposal at a fraction of the cost and without the usual challenges of people management.

Here are just some of the things we can deliver on for you:

Full web design and development from writing the content all the way through to optimising it for positive search rankings.

Outstanding copy for blogs, articles, social media, web sites, editorials, news stories. We'll interview you over the phone and turn it into an incredible piece of written content.

High impact graphic design including graphics for social media, quote graphics, PDFs, printable documents, event banners, course workbooks.

Full social media delivery including content sharing, posting and follower growth.

Lisa Bean Mastermind UK

Why choose IX7?

We have been in the digital marketing space for 10 years and have developed an incredibly practical and versatile skillset in that time.

We're a one stop shop for all your marketing needs. Working with us is like having a full in house digital marketing team at your disposal at a fraction of the cost.

Speak with one account manager - Lisa Bean - who will manage the contact with all the people in the marketing process, including editors, printers and designers.

Challenge your thinking and get exposure to the latest trends in digital marketing and content creation.

Begin offering incredible new video, written and audio content to your audiences to build your brand and position yourself as a thought leader in your space.

Free up your time to work on elements of your business that can't be outsourced.

Who is it for?

This solution will typically suit an ambitious, purpose-driven business. To be a good fit for this solution, you will be:

Able to invest £3000 per month for the solution and up 3-5 hours a month for content creation (e.g. recording a pod cast), strategy and review calls.

Ambitious with the energy to try new ideas and embrace the new digital world e.g. contributing to videos and pod casts.

Purpose-driven with an important message and solution you want to share with a growing audience base.

Lisa Bean 2018

Who’s it ‘not’ for?

digital marketing manchester

This solution is not for you if: 

You're looking for a 'quick-win' and do not want to work strategically and co-operatively with your marketing team to achieve outstanding, market leading results.

Making money is your sole focus - you will very likely increase your revenue and profitability as a result of this working with us, but it's about adding value to the customer and not just making money

You do not wish to build a bold and competitive brand in your market place.

About your account manager, Lisa Bean

Lisa Bean

Lisa Bean is the found of three six figure businesses. Having built businesses in digital marketing and recruitment, she branched out in 2015 and built an online training business, leveraging the latest techniques in online, video and Facebook marketing.


Lisa is smart, driven and commercially focused. It’s not just about ‘a good video’ with Lisa, it’s about creating content for specific audiences to build your brand, change lives and grow your business.


Lisa is originally from Newcastle and works in Newcastle, Manchester and London.

What’s the investment?

We work with clients on a 12 month retained basis at £3000 per month.

We are currently looking to work with two new clients in this space.