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Making digital work: 12 questions for charities to consider

At the end of last year, the Charity Commission for England and Wales launched a list of 12 key questions they believe all charities should be discussing. It covers topics such as strategy, brand and service delivery as well as governance, security and reputation.

If you’re beginning your journey towards ‘digital’, the list can serve as a handy checklist of things to consider.

What caught my eye in particular was the section on service delivery and how a charity can support people who seek support online. In the last 18 months there has been a huge boom in the provision of online courses for small businesses and ‘solopreneurs’ and I can see an incredible opportunity for charities to learn from this business model to offer easily digestible content online and ‘on the go’.

Imagine an online programme for eating healthily, getting over depression, quitting smoking, how to deal with cyber bullying or managing an existing health condition. The possibilities are endless – you could reach more people with fewer resources, offer your services any time day or night and provide support to people who are reluctant to come forward in person.

In DARETOGROW (my online platform for helping people to change their lives) I use a free online course as a way to build my audience, add value up front and build new relationships online. This has helped me to double my mailing list, win incredible new customers and help hundreds of people across the world.

You can see this in action at this link.

Online service delivery for charities

The report, released in October 2016, also lists key considerations for charities looking to raise funding online. At IX7 we believe there is a huge opportunity for charities to secure new donations online. Click here to read our four step guide to generating donations online.

Click here to read the checklist provided by the Charity Commission – it is worth a scan when writing the digital marketing strategy for your charity.

Lisa Bean, founder of multiple six-figure businesses, speaker, coach and consultant.

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