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‘Lesson in a Box’ – IX7 Enables Online Purchases for Thrive Tribe Academy

You don’t always hear about an idea that will shake up the market until it’s well established, like Uber or AirB&B.

Until you spend a day at Thrive Tribe!

At Thrive Tribe’s head offices in Stratford, London a few months ago a smart and innovative team were talking about how they could help educate primary school children on the importance of sleep, healthy eating, physical activity and other related topics.

The solution that came out of those talks is incredible. Toby, the lead for the project, introduced the idea to me.

“We’re so excited to launch ‘Lesson in a Box’. It’s a complete lesson on a topic such as the sugar in food or how to achieve your active 60 minutes...in a box! The teachers will go online, order a box and when it’s delivered they’ll have everything they need to teach that topic including large fold out mats, nutritional fact cards, meal planners, stickers and certificates. It’s fun, interactive and educational.”

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Toby’s energy and excitement for the project was evident. We couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

As part of our ongoing relationships with Thrive Tribe we were delighted to add full e-commerce functionality to the Thrive Tribe Academy web site, which we’d built months earlier. As per Toby’s vision, teachers can now log on to the site and order their chosen ‘Lesson in a Box’. They can choose one or multiple boxes and there are discount codes set up for larger orders.

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“I love it!”, Toby said, “We’ll be offering free school assemblies when we launch to help schools ‘sample’ our content and materials. It’s a great way to introduce ourselves and add value up front. Plus, we just love what we do so why not get out there and share what we’ve learnt?”

Toby Thrive Tribe

Thrive Tribe has engaged their in house dietitians, nutritionalists, psychologists and sports professionals to build each lesson plan. The Lessons in a Box are now available to view and download via the Thrive Tribe Academy web site.

With this project now complete, we’re excited to see what comes next from this innovative company.


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