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“Me not meat” – IX7 to donate 10% of profits to PETA UK

I heard a saying once: “if you’re not prepared to donate a percentage of your income now you’ll never donate it…even when you’re rich!”. I was reflecting on this recently as, I have to admit, I found myself saying “When we earn ‘this amount’ we’ll start donating to PETA UK”. I saw what I was doing and I decided there and then to start donating 10% of our annual profit from IX7 and DARETOGROW combined to PETA UK each year.

I have a special bond with animals. Being around dogs always lifts my mood. I mean how can you feel sad when a dog comes bounding over to you with the excitement of children on Christmas day…just because you turned up? I love dogs! In fact I love all animals and I’d love to see a world where animals are not killed in factory farms or tortured for their fur and feathers. I don’t have the stomach for the work of the undercover reporters who go in, capture the footage and lobby for changes but I can help by giving up meat, choosing cruelty free products and donating money to the cause.

And so, in January 2018, I will be donating 10% of our profits from IX7 and DARETOGROW to PETA UK and I can’t wait!

Every time you engage us to work on your projects, you contribute to this cheque too. So let’s do it together: let’s help put an end to cruelty towards animals.


Lisa Bean, founder of multiple six-figure businesses, speaker, coach and consultant.

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