Hello, future self – Spiritual leaders to contribute to DARETOGROW membership programme

In a recent trip to Venice, LA Alice and I attended ten different meditation, reiki and other healing group events. It was absolutely fantastic! Meditation is such a great way to calm the mind, silence the ego and tune into to your biggest, brightest ideas.

As one session, we met a man named Peter Oppermann and he delivered his signature ‘Future Self’ meditation. During the meditation, he guided us through a process of meeting our future selves to visualise how life could be. We then asked ‘our future selves’ how we got there and what we can learn from them in the present to make this future life our new reality.

It was an incredibly empowering experience and one I’d never quite experienced in this way. Immediately after the session I approached Peter, told him all about DARETOGROW and arrange for him to share his incredibly powerful meditation with our private membership community in DARETOGROW. We completed the filming the next day and the session will be shared with private members when the course re-opens in May.

Exciting times ahead!

Lisa Bean, founder of multiple six-figure businesses, speaker, coach and consultant.

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