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Lisa and Alice

Are you interested in using digital media to reach more people and have a greater impact?


We are digital marketing specialists and we partner exclusively with charities and purpose-led companies to help them get online, using digital marketing to expand their reach and help more people.


As a specialist team of two, we’re pretty darn good. Alice (on the right in the photo) will help you define your target market, connect with individuals using social media and building meaningful connections online. I’ll build your web site, set up your automated marketing funnels and create your video media.


We work together to train your teams in all aspects of digital marketing – including web design, film production, social media and content writing – so that you can build digital marketing skills in house. This helps you to work more quickly, save costs and experiment with new ideas!

Working with IX7 to go digital

We’re a full service design, delivery and training team. Through our 12 month programme, we’ll help you to:


  • Define your goals;
  • Write your strategy;
  • Rebuild your web site;
  • Get to page 1 on Google;
  • Launch a video strategy;
  • Build your online audiences;
  • Put your service offering online; and,
  • Train your teams to manage it all in house.


Going digital happens in stages. As the technological and digital ability of your charity develops, so must your team’s ability to leverage it. ‘Going digital’ is a behavioural change as much as it’s a change in the way you do business.


There are six main stages to ‘going digital’ and we’ve listed them below.

Digital marketing for charities

Stage 1

Your purpose.

The first step is to get real clarity on why you’re here. What is your cause and what are you trying to do? Then clarify the outcomes: what do you want as a result of going digital? Who are you trying to impact and in what way? Once this is clear, it’s important to build engagement by sharing your purpose or mission, communicating your vision and how you’ll get there to your full team and wider community.

Stage 2

Your new web site.

Your web site is your main online portal and a real measure of your digital sophistication. All social media tracks back here and all Google searches and online content bring people into your web site. More than that, though, your web site is the most accessible way for people to learn about your offering and engage you. It’s important that it’s quick loading, easy to use and responsive to all devices.

Stage 3

Digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a big term! It’s how you use social media, email marketing, content marketing (blogs etc.) and search engine optimisation to get your ideas in front of the people you can help. At this stage, we create a results dashboard of desired outcomes and write a strategy to hit those results. It’s best to focus on one or two areas and do them well than to cover too many aspects of digital and do them all poorly.

Stage 4

Online service offering.

This is how you enable people to benefit from your offering online. It might be a fully fledged online course that you run or it could be as simple as a private portal that you run for members. This tends to evolve in stages and our view is always ‘progress not perfection’. Get started, get feedback and improve quickly as you go.

Stage 5

Team training.

It’s really important to ensure your team is capable of running your digital marketing at a strategic and tactical level. This means knowing the overall vision and making adjustments daily to make that vision a reality. We ensure your team is trained in web edits, all aspects of social media, video creation and graphic design.

Stage 6

Results and optimisation.

The better the results, the more people (and animals!) you can help. This stage is about reviewing the progress made, celebrating successes and making changes where needed. All digital work is trial and error and optimisation is part of the journey.

Our fee structure


Would you like to work with us?

IX7 will work with you to deliver this full programme of work (as above) over a 12 month period. This is an intense, fast paced programme designed to help your charity or purpose led business go digital and maintain it in house once it’s up and running.

Our programme costs £24,000 over 12 months: £2000 per month. It includes:


  • Full programme management
  • Your new web site
  • Writing your digital marketing strategy
  • Putting an aspect of your service offering online
  • Full team training


If you choose to pay in two instalments (instead of 12) you will save £4000, making the total cost £20,000.

In our 12 month programme, we deliver the following:

Digital strategy


Planning your full online strategy including email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation and content marketing

Social media management


Helping you to build your social media profiles and followings. This might involve graphic design and video production.

Web design and hosting


We’ll rebuild your web site ensuring it’s secure, fast and responsive to all devices. You’ll also be able to edit it in house.

Online service delivery


Helping you to get an element of your service online so people can access it remotely. This might be an online shop, free downloads or even an online course.

Digital marketing training


We’ll train your team on all of these aspects so you can continue your digital marketing in house.

Advice and consultancy


Got a quick question or need some advice? Ask us! We’ll be on site every month to work through your unique challenges.