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DARETOGROW re-opens signature online coaching programme

IX7 founder, Lisa Bean, has re-opened her signature online coaching programme – DARETOGROW and Make Your Move – for the fourth time.

Online coaching programme - Make Your Move

The 2017 ‘Summer Sessions’ will show the ‘movement makers’ who subscribe how to uncover their life’s purpose, launch their dream business and make a living doing what they love!

It’s a six week online course and includes a mix of video, audio and live teaching via webinars.

To find out more about this incredible online programme, visit the dedicated DARETOGROW Courses web site.



Lisa Bean is the founder of multiple six-figure businesses. In 2015, she made a dramatic u-turn, selling her recruitment business and downsizing her marketing agency to launch IX7 and DARETOGROW. Her focus in on helping people and organisations lead from a sense of purpose. Through IX7, Lisa trains teams in charities and purpose-led organisations on how to increase their reach and impact through digital media, digital platforms and online story telling.

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