DARETOGROW To Launch New YouTube Channel

I love video! It’s no secret. From my weekly VLOG to my 50+ unit online course, video plays a major role in my online content creation and digital marketing. It’s a great way to get your energy, story and ideas across to people online.


Now that we’ve reached a certain level with our video production and with our regular video releases, we’ve decided to launch a formal YouTube channel called DARETOGROW TV.

This new YouTube channel will be a home to my weekly VLOG (video blog), inspiring interviews and informative content on how to change your life. To be part of this exciting development, head on over to DARETOGROW TV and subscribe to follow the journey!

Lisa Bean is the founder of multiple six-figure businesses. In 2015, she made a dramatic u-turn, selling her recruitment business and downsizing her marketing agency to launch IX7 and DARETOGROW. Her focus in on helping people and organisations lead from a sense of purpose. Through IX7, Lisa trains teams in charities and purpose-led organisations on how to increase their reach and impact through digital media, digital platforms and online story telling.

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