We work internationally with clients in the UK, Paris, Dubai and America.

About the company



Founded by Lisa Bean in 2015, the company was born out of a desire to change the world by helping companies to launch a purpose driven online proposition. We work with clients all over the world to increase their impact on your communities, sectors and even the planet!


We’re not your typical consultants. We laugh, we experiment and don’t really conform to business norms. That’s how we’re able to have an impact.


We have a deep rooted love of technology and social media and use a lot of platforms ourselves for our own movement – the DARETOGROW movement. Not only do we practice what we preach but we experiment with our own time and money before recommending our tested approaches to you. Seems the right thing to do!

Alice Allum - Lifecoach

Alice Allum

Life Coach and Marketing Consultant. Founder of The Be Plaform and shareholder in Digitia and Ix7


Lisa Bean

Web Designer, Marketing Consultant and Digital Trainer.


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