A 6 month 121 coaching & mentoring programme designed to help you create the life you want by hitting a major business goal

Lisa Bean Mastermind UK

This is a hands on 6 months 121 coaching and mentoring offering for business owners looking to scale their businesses in the next two – five years.


Limited to 10 clients per year, this programme is for ambitious, purpose-driven business owners who want to embrace the new digital world and build a truly scalable company to bring their message and their offering to more and more people.


The programme includes:

6 half day face-to-face sessions with Lisa and 6 one-to-one progress check ins over the phone

Access to the IX7 marketing team for executing on the digital marketing plan for one new product / service launch (including video, digital assets, social media and more)

Includes complimentary access to DARETOGROW / The Online Course including all online course (value - £1290)

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Deepen your understanding of your unique purpose and clarify your vision.

What impact do you want to have in the world? What do you want be celebrating in five years’ time? What does success really look and feel like to you?


Develop a powerful, workable strategy for bringing that vision into reality

How are you really going to get there? What team do you need? What do your strategic partnership looks like? What major projects must you set up?


Build out the systems, people and processes you need to execute the plan.

What does your hiring and progession plan look like? What does your marketing strategy look like? How will the finances support and enable growth?

This 121 coaching programme is exclusive to business owners who are building purpose-led businesses.


Well done on coming this far! You’ve done it. You’ve got your business off the ground. Now how the heck do you scale it to £100k, £200k, £300k? Let’s find out!


In this exclusive business coaching programme, we’ll start by solidifying your vision before exploring all of the strategic options for bringing it to reality.


With the strategy set, we’ll get to work on the execution of the plan. This covers the people (relationships), systems and processes you need in place to scale your business to the next level.


We’ll also work on your mindset and help you ‘become’ the person you need to be to hit your ambitious goals.


Sound good? Apply today and we’ll take it from there.


To apply, you must be earning above £55,000 a year (with an intention to grow significantly in the next two – five years) and you must be able to commit to six half-day sessions dedicated to refocusing your valuable attention on your business growth.

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The purpose of this 121 coaching programme is to help you:

Define your vision with 100% clarity for yourself and your business over the next five years

Detach from the daily issues in your business so you can work on the strategy and think more widely about how to meet market challenges in your sector

Determine your strategy taking into consideration your USPs, changes in the market and competitive advantages you can develop

Learn how to manage your performance as a high performer to enable more stable, reliable and consistent results in your performance and the performance of your business

Develop your full value proposition to make your offering impossible to ignore for existing and future potential clients

Systemise your business for scale - preparing to scale by introducing systems, processes and people, thereby reducing the dependency on you

When you sign up…

Meet 121 with Lisa Bean for half-day strategy sessions dedicated to you and your business. Work with Lisa to clarify your vision, find out your true purpose and build an execution plan to make the results inevitable.

We will book the half-day strategy sessions in luxury locations around the UK. Food and coffees are included.

In between the half day face-to-face meet ups, you will have a two-hour coaching call with Lisa Bean to stay focused on your goals for the month ahead and talk through challenges you’re facing in life and business. Lisa will also set you specific challenges related to your personal and business growth.


Why work with Lisa Bean? Here are just some of the incredible benefits:

Learn how to get into a peak state and master high performance habits of truly successful people

6 half day face-to-face strategy sessions in luxury locations, with all food and refreshments included

Bi-monthly private coaching calls each month with Lisa Bean to clarify your intentions for the month and make progress on specific goals

Get access to the digital marketing team behind IX7 and DARETOGROW to help you execute your new marketing strategy

Commit to those BIG GOALS you have in your life and set an ambitious but realistic plan in motion to make the outcome inevitable

A chance to bring your specific business questions and challenges to Lisa Bean

Who is it for?

This programme is not for everyone and your application will be considered carefully before you’re accepted onto the programme. If you’re a good fit for this programme, you will be:

A business owner with revenue between £55,000 and £225,000, looking to grow to the next level

Conscious i.e. aware of / interested in being of service to help raise the global conscious of the planet and make this world a better place

Eager to grow and ready to do the work - in some cases, businesses will double or triple revenue

Able to attend all six face-to-face half day sessions with Lisa Bean

Excited to put into practice new techniques in peak performance / high performance habits

Lisa Bean Coach

Who’s it ‘not’ for?

Mastermind for spiritual people

This coaching programme is not for you if: 

Making money is your sole focus - you will increase your revenue and profitability as a result of this programme, but it's about changing the world and not just making money

You do not own your own business or you're not earning above £55,000

Joining this programme will put undue financial pressure on your business

About your coach, Lisa Bean

Lisa Bean

Lisa is a coach, consultant and transformational speaker, helping people all over the UK to help uncover their purpose, set a bold new vision for their lives and take bold new action to make the outcome inevitable.


As the founder of three six figure businesses, Lisa knows what it takes to break through from being a solo-entrepreneur (doing it all yourself, unable to grow any bigger) to building a six figure business that can scale and scale.


Lisa has not only built traditional businesses in recruitment and digital marketing, both founded during the 2008 downturn, but has recently built a six figure online training business, leveraging the latest techniques in video, digital marketing and Facebook advertising.

What’s the investment?

The total price for this 6 month Coaching / Mentoring programme is £10,000 + VAT. You can choose to pay in full, pay quarterly or monthly.

Applications are now open.