Digital Marketing for Charities

We are a digital marketing delivery and training company working with purpose led companies, charities and not-for-profit organisations to help you ‘go digital’

In 2015 we changed the way we did business…

Back in 2015 we recognised that digital was the future. Not just in terms of the solutions we offer to our clients but in terms of the way business would be done: online.

We decided we weren’t going to wait around. We knew that if we didn’t make a change we wouldn’t be around in five year’s time. Like you that wasn’t an option for us.



A surprising turn of events…

We started out as a business growth company, helping purpose led companies to grow in a sustainable way. As we transitioned in our own businesses, making better use of digital media and even putting part of offering online as a digital service, we realised that we had a deep rooted passion for digital!


Our founder, Lisa Bean, had built and run a six figure digital marketing agency for four years but this was different. Instead of providing tactical digital solutions, such as web design and social media delivery, we would help purpose led charities and business to launch an online movement that would help them reach more people, spread their message ultimately help more people!


Making it work…

We sat down and asked: how can we combine our passions for marketing, digital, business growth and coaching? Oh, and change the world in the process! Our current service offering is the answer to that question.


We now work exclusively with purpose driven charities, businesses and not-for-profits in their ambitions to change lives in communities, cities and even the world. We do it by helping the people in the charities and businesses to understand the digital landscape, get online, build their following around a core purpose and launch a movement to change the world.


All of this is packaged into a wonderful 12 month programme that delivers the following core elements.


In our 12 month programme, we deliver the following:

Digital strategy


Planning your full online strategy including Email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation and content marketing

Social media management


Helping you to build your social media profiles and followings. This might involve graphic design and video production.

Web design and hosting


We’ll rebuild your web site ensuring it’s secure,
fast and responsive to all devices.

Online service delivery


Helping you to get an element of your service online so people can access it remotely.

Digital marketing training


We’ll train your team on all of these aspects so you can continue your digital marketing in house.

Advice and consultancy


Got a quick question or need some advice? Ask us! We’ll be on site every month to work through your unique challenges.


Lisa Bean

Lisa Bean, Strategy & Digital Platforms

My name’s Lisa. I’m the founder of three six figure businesses. In 2015 I sold my recruitment company and downsized my marketing agency to follow my passions and launch IX7. I’ve worked in digital since I was 23 and ran my own digital marketing agency for four years, tripling the revenue each year.


I love dogs (who doesn’t?), baking (especially vegan cherry scones) and empowering people to change their lives…ideally all at once.


When working with you I’ll be focused on your strategy, your digital platforms (including your web site and online service offering) and how you grow digitally.


P.s. I talk a lot less than Alice…

Alice Allum

Alice Allum, Online Branding & Social Media

My name’s Alice. I’m a shareholder in IX7, a marketing bad ass and I also run an online coaching platform with clients all over the world.


My passion is people and that’s why I love marketing so much. The core of marketing is people, communications and connection.


I love yoga and I’m a meditation junkie. I believe in leading from the heart because it feels good, it helps you to have the impact you want on the world and ultimate it’s the only way to grow a strong, sustainable business online – and who doesn’t want that?


When working with you, I’ll be focused on customer profiling and how to truly make that connection with your ideal customer (something that is often overlooked but can be the difference between a successful campaign and, well, let’s not say it) and ultimately get the results you’re looking for in an authentic and ethical way. My speciality is building online relationships through social media…and well…I love it!