Thrive Tribe Academy Primary School Web Site

A healthy child is a happy child – new web site launch

We’re delighted to say that IX7 has helped long term client Thrive Tribe to launch an exciting new proposition for primary schools in London.

The health and wellbeing offering – Thrive Tribe Academy – has been designed to help children in primary schools eat and live┬áhealthier.

Thrive Tribe Academy Web Site

The web site is bright, bold and colourful, using the brand’s four core colours to punctuate each service.

Primary school web site

The Academy, which is initially aimed at primary schools in the greater London area, will soon be offering an innovative digital offering to help bring health and wellbeing services to primary schools all over the UK.

Watch this space!

Lisa Bean is the founder of multiple six-figure businesses. In 2015, she made a dramatic u-turn, selling her recruitment business and downsizing her marketing agency to launch IX7 and DARETOGROW. Her focus in on helping people and organisations lead from a sense of purpose. Through IX7, Lisa trains teams in charities and purpose-led organisations on how to increase their reach and impact through digital media, digital platforms and online story telling.

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