Digital marketing for charities 2017

WELCOME TO IX7. WE ARE A WEB DESIGN AND DIGITAL MARKETING DELIVERY AND TRAINING COMPANY. We work with charities and purpose-led companies to change the world!

Looking for a new web site? Want to make sure it’s editable and scalable? We’ll work with you to rebuild your web site and set a digital marketing strategy to help you connect with more people online. We’ll also provide full training to your team to ensure they can execute the digital marketing strategy in house.

Welcome to IX7


Lovely to meet you…digitally!

We know charities and purpose led businesses are under a lot of pressure to go digital and provide online service offerings. But where do you start?


The world of ‘digital’ can be confusing. How much is a web site? Should you be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube or all four? Who will go ‘on camera’? Eek! In response to this, we’ve simplified our offering and developed a 12 month programme designed to help you:


  • Build your online brand;
  • Reach new people (benefactors and donators);
  • Launch an online service offering; and,
  • Continue to manage all of this in house.


Our intention is to make you independent of us. Yes, we’ll always be here if you need us after the 12 months, but when we do our job well – you won’t need us! We’ll make it possible for you to continue everything in house by training your team on digital marketing.

Seven years experience in web design, digital marketing and video production.

Team of two working 121 with our clients for the longterm. We work in partnership.

With clients in Newcastle, Manchester and London – we’ll come to you.

Slow down a second…



‘Digital’ is made up of many parts including your digital marketing strategy, your digital service delivery and your online brand. It’s your ‘digital presence’. Essentially it’s what you say to the world and how you deliver on your service, digitally.


It’s a huge space, we know, so let us break it down into three major sections for you.

1. Digital Marketing

This is how you reach and build relationships with benefactors, donators and other customers online. It doesn’t have to cover every single digital platform in the world. In fact our view is it’s better to run one or two streams really well than five or six poorly. Your digital marketing strategy might include email marketing, social media marketing and a video series, for example.

2. Digital Service Offering

This is how you enable people to benefit from your offering online. It might be a fully fledged online course that you run or it could be as simple as a private portal that you run for members.

3. Online Brand

Your online brand is the story of your charity, online. What are people talking about in your space? How proactive are you in these online discussions? How easily can people find you and engage you online?

Curious to see how we can help you? Find out more about our 12 month offering.


Curious to see how we can help you? Find out more about our 12 month offering.