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WELCOME TO IX7. We are a business growth consultancy for six-figure, purpose-driven business owners.

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Changing the world through purpose

Lisa Bean Coach

IX7 is a UK based business growth consultancy that helps six-figure business owners have a much greater impact on the world and hit their own ambitious growth targets by:

Introducing systems, processes and people that enable scale

Launching new product offerings online (digital products and / or digital marketing)

Executive level coaching to push through personal barriers

Move to the next level


Identify and overcome what’s holding you back

We work with business owners who are already bringing in six figures, but are stuck by one or more of the following:

I don't have a team and so can't grow

I don’t understand digital marketing and so can’t grow

My offering can only be delivered by me so I can’t grow

I don’t have good enough cashflow and so can’t grow

I don’t have the confidence or energy to push through so can’t grow

We use a unique and powerful combination of product design, marketing and people development to exponentially improve the impact of your offering to the market and get it out to the people who really want and need it.

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Ready for growth? 


Here’s how you can work with us

UK Mastermind business growth 2

The Mastermind

A private UK based Mastermind Group for purpose-led business owners committed to quantum growth in life and business.

Mastermind, think and grow with likeminded six-figure business owners on a similar journey to you.

Systemise your business for scale by introducing systems, processes and people to reduce the dependency on you.

Learn the latest techniques in speaking, influence and digital marketing to spread your message.

Digital marketing Manchester

Digital Marketing

Full planning and execution of your digital marketing strategy in 2019 and beyond.

Work with Lisa Bean to set a bold new vision for your business and build a brand and online marketing strategy that will help bring that vision to reality.

Get access to the IX7 marketing team and produce regular video, pod casting and social media content to build your brand and your audience.

Free up valuable time by letting the IX7 social marketing team deliver the your digital marketing strategy on your behalf.


121 Coaching

A 6 month coaching programme to help identify and overcome personal barriers to progress.

Set a bold and compelling vision for your life: What you want access to, who you want to become and how you show up in the world.

Work 121 with Lisa to identify and remove the personal blocks holding you back in life.

Hit major life goals.